ICIS 2024


Submission Guidelines

Authors are invited to submit full papers in English language only, of not more than 10 pages (including figures, tables & references) in Publishers Format (templates are given). Submissions should use the general template with the minimum font size of 10 points. All papers must include a title, abstract, keywords, and complete contact information of all authors on the cover page. The corresponding author should be identified clearly. Submissions must present original work that has not been previously published, and is not under submission elsewhere. All articles will be reviewed for technical and scientific quality by the Technical Program Committee (TPC) and external reviewers. Papers must be submitted electronically in PDF format via on-line submission using the Easy Chair system.

Author Instructions

  • Plagiarism should be less than 10%. (Excluding References) [Keep the Plagiarism Report along with manuscript [TURNITIN].
  • Use of AI-generated writing or ChatGPT is strictly Prohibited.
  • Grammatical error must NOT be there. Language Clarity is very much expected, and final manuscript is channeled by a language expert. Any sort of kind of dispute may lead to direct rejection by the Springer.
  • NO Figure and NO Table should be copied from any other paper / Internet. This activity may lead to direct rejection. Quality of the figures should be high resolution.
  • Page Limit: Minimum 08 Pages and Maximum 10 Pages after compliance with Springer Format.
  • Each Paper must contain Abstract (150-200 words) and Keywords (4-5).
  • Writing Format: Springer Format [Strictly]
  • All Table No. and Figure No. should be mentioned inside the manuscript
  • All Reference Number / Citation must be properly cited inside the manuscript.
  • Make sure that all the references are cited in the body of the paper.
  • Make sure that all the FIGURES and TABLES are numbered in a proper order and cited in the body of the paper.
  • NO TABLE will be IMAGE Format.
  • All Mathematical Equations must be prepared using Math Editor; NO Equation-image must be there.
  • Maintain good quality [HD] figure.

Check List for Authors

  • Final Manuscript (Word Format) [Not More than 10 Pages in Publisher Format Strictly]
  • Plagiarism Report [Must be less than 12% in Turnitin/iThenticate]
  • Copyright Form [Signed and scanned], in PDF and in a single file.


Any article, not in format, will be subjected to rejection without any judgement on its quality. The articles should be own work of the authors. If any work is referred from others (or some other work by the author), proper acknowledgement should be given. Plagiarism of any type, if detected, it will lead to rejection of the articles anytime.